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Holy Eucharist

Oct 13, 2019




Weekly service bulletin

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Sunday School - All classes will meet today

Confirmation Class – Today at 11:30 am.

Parish Picnic - Thanks to the Kerley family.

Men’s Group – Monday, 14, 2019 at 6:00 pm.

Holy Eucharist - Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 11:30 am.

Choir Practice – Today at 4:15 pm.

Family Promise – St. Francis will be assisting First Presbyterian with the next Family Promise event on Sunday, October 20th and Monday, October 21st, 2019. Sue Comstock will be out of town and is looking for volunteers to prepare two meals to commit as soon as possible. Please touch base with her if you can help.

Malachi Class – Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 10:00 am.

Altar Guild meeting – Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 10:00 am.

St. Francis Anglican Parish Prayer List: Please pray with us!  View our current bulletin for a detailed list. If you would like to add or remove a name from the prayer list contact Sue Comstock at 919-498-9154 or email her at

Men’s Ministry - St Francis Men's Ministry document explaining the structure and purpose.

ACNA Prayerbook – The ACNA has released the 2019 Book of Common Prayer!  You can purchase through the ACNA website.






Saturday, November 2, 2:30 pm

St. Francis Fellowship Hall

To shift our focus towards Advent and the Christmas season, Rebecca Peterson will offer an opportunity to learn what the Magi’s gifts represent and their prophetic significance. We’ll explore the multitude of ways essential oils were used in Scripture and learn how we can use oils as a Biblical solution for our own and our families’ health. No cost for the class, with optional opportunities for additional classes. Signup sheet on the women’s bulletin board, and friends are most welcome.





Monday, November 11, 5:30 pm

St. Francis Fellowship Hall

Our movie selection shall remain a MYSTERY until time of showing. All we’re saying is that it’s a light, romantic comedy set in France. The evening’s menu will reflect the French theme. Dinner will be provided, so there’s nothing to bring. Please sign up on the women’s bulletin board, and consider inviting a friend for an evening of chick-flick fun!




Study class on Malachi - Are the Old Testament Prophets speaking to us today?

Johnnie Gordon will lead a class on the Prophet Malachi

Wednesday mornings 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM - Ending in time to attend Eucharist!

Beginning October 9 and lasting through November 13.

Before the first class, please purchase the book:

Malachi: Easy Doesn’t Change the World (John Barry)

(Available from Amazon and other online sources)

Kindly sign up for class so Johnnie can plan accordingly.

Offered by SFAP Education Committee with support from Women’s Ministry




Rwanda Partnership Trip

The diocese of Christ our Hope was originally part of a group of churches that were under the leadership of the Anglican Church of Rwanda.  In 2015, the archbishop of Rwanda sent the churches under his jurisdiction in America to serve under the Archbishop of the ACNA.  At that time, there was a desire to maintain relationships with the Rwandan Church.


In the summer of 2020, a group of people from St. Francis and Holy Trinity in Chapel Hill will make a trip to build relationships with the Anglican church in the Kigeme Diocese of Rwanda.  This trip will be a 'get to know you' time for both our people and the church of Kigeme Diocese.  If you would like to know more about this trip and the preparation leading up to it, contact Marty Pate at church on Sunday.





Through 2020: Scott Bruce, Susan Lewis, Clerk, Marty Pate, Senior Warden

Through 2021: Bruce Ledford, Tom Reese, Jimmy Washburn, Junior Warden

Through 2022: Oliver Crawley, Joe Hanna, Beth Puckett


Prayer Cards - For prayer please fill out a blue prayer card (found in each pew) and placing it in one of the red boxes beside each entrance. A prayer team member will pray confidentially about each card during the coming week. Also just talk to any prayer team member (identified by red name badge), who will be happy to pray with you personally after the services.


Parish Pictures - If you have any pictures of parish events or special times had with our St Francis family past or present you would like to contribute to the website please (email Charles Wick).







The San Damiano Cross

(St Francis Cross)


The San Damiano Cross is the cross which St. Francis of Assisi was praying when he is said to have received the commission from the Lord to rebuild the Church. It now hangs in the Basilica of Saint Clare in Assisi, Italy, Franciscans cherish this cross as the symbol of their mission from God.


Learn more about The San Damiano Cross, click PDF to download








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St. Francis Anglican Parish Prayer List

Please Pray for the concerns weighing on the hearts and minds of members of this congregation.

If you need to add or remove a name from the prayer list contact Sue Comstock at 919-498-9154 or email her at See current prayer list on last page of weekly parish bulletin. Names will be removed after three weeks unless you contact Sue to extend the time.



After each Sunday Eucharistic service, prayer will now be available in two forms:

1) Trained members of the prayer team will be on hand to pray for you personally and confidentially for any need.  Simply walk over to any prayer team member (identified by a red badge), and you will be joined by one or more other prayer team members, move to a quiet corner, and be prayed for.


2) Blue prayer request cards have been placed in all pew pockets if you would prefer to submit a request in writing.  Just fill out a card and drop it in either of the two red boxes (one at the back of the church and one on the table beside the door to the fellowship hall).  Prayer team members will pray for written requests during the subsequent week.


Please be assured that all prayer requests are held in strictest confidence.  Never consider a prayer need too small, too trivial…or too big! Prayer team members always begin by listening for God’s direction, and only then do they verbalize the prayers that they sense on God’s heart for you.  Please take advantage of these new opportunities to receive God’s comfort and peace!


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St Francis Website - Be sure to check out and share our parish website  Keep up to date our website is fully responsive on all formats: desktop, tablet and mobile phone for latest in weekly announcements, bulletins and events.  Managed by Dr. Charles Wick.  Thank you to those who have made reviews on our google listing, this helps our mission for reaching people on the World Wide Web and local areas.  If you would like to contribute a review click here or below.  You can also search our name into google and you will see our google listing on the right hand side of screen and you can leave a review and or star rating. Thank you for your united support.



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See our new contact form below to keep informed and request parish information

Church Phone Number: 910-773-1155

Church Mailing Address: St. Francis Anglican Parish, 1089 Wilkins Drive, Sanford, NC 27330

St Francis staff and coordinators


Through 2020: Scott Bruce, Susan Lewis, Clerk, Marty Pate, Senior Warden

Through 2021: Bruce Ledford, Tom Reese, Jimmy Washburn, Junior Warden

Through 2022: Oliver Crawley, Joe Hanna, Beth Puckett


St. Francis Anglican Parish Prayer List: Please pray with us!  View our current bulletin for a detailed list. Please contact Sue Comstock at 919-498-9154 or at


St Francis Charter youth meetings for Trail Life Boys and American Heritage Girls.  New meeting times to be posted soon. Please contact with interest below:

Trail Life Boys:  Mrs Pam Kerley is the contact, email

For more general information visit



American Heritage Girls:  Mrs Anne Greenaway is the contact, email

For more general information visit



Pictures in Breeze - Please add a photo of yourself to your Breeze account.

BREEZE Information (Our Parish Database) Please note we have added BREEZE link to our website menus for your convenience.

Breeze website:

* Questions: If you have questions about Breeze (or need to be added), please contact Brian Haynes at or (443) 326-8823.  He also is happy to answer questions during the coffee hour after service.

* Breeze photos: If you need assistance with uploading your photo to Breeze, please contact Brian Haynes.  Brian can assist in the following ways:

1) take a photo of you after church or

2) use an existing photo and upload it for you (it can either be a printed photo or one you send him via email or text).



All classes begin after coffee hour and end 11:15-11:30 unless otherwise noted

Adult Class (various) meet upstairs

Children have an opportunity to sing with Leslie after coffee hour meet in the choir room.  Elementary class meets after Youth Choir in the nursery.  Middle school class meets in upstairs in classroom.  High school class meets upstairs.

Youth Choir meets 10:30 in the choir room

Nursery available 8:55am-10:15am



Visit our Music page, download 8.5x11 printable PDF of your favorite hymns



Download 8.5x11 printable PDF for the kids or kids at heart. Enjoy, learn and share!



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