St. Francis Anglican Parish is a passionate congregation committed to prayer.  We follow the teaching of Jesus Christ and his teaching that we can approach “The Throne of God of grace with confidence”.  Requesting God to help guide and direct our steps and trusting that he knows all of us and understands everything.


The Holy Eucharistic celebration, the great and all-encompassing prayer of the Anglican church, is central to worship at our St. Francis Anglican Parish, serving as a structure for our prayer focus including adoration, thanksgiving, repentance and petition daily, keeping us forever mindful of the redemptive death of Jesus.  In the power of the Holy Spirit we rely to shape decisions, as the Vestry, in partnership with the Rectors, exercises spiritual leadership and bases its decisions on a process of listening to God.  In guidance is the hallmark of our planning for all parish ministries; we pray and listen first then move ahead with decisions. We seek to expand the depth and scope of our prayer through instruction, training and practice, and opportunities to receive prayer.


Blessings of the Lord have poured onto this congregation reinforce our commitment to operate as a prayer-driven church, our mission is to make Jesus and his grace and love unmistakably real, drawing more people to salvation.




St. Francis Anglican Parish has created a Foundational Prayer Team. Our Foundational Prayer Team envelopes every member and every aspect of St. Francis Anglican Parish in Holy Spirit led prayer. Not to rely on our wisdom, but listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we prayed for our parish to be a joyous place where all people are welcome and transformed by Biblical truth taught within the context of a loving, Christian community.


Our activities include:

• Training and establishing intercessory prayer teams to pray

       o Before church services

       o During vestry meetings

• Training and providing intercessors to pray after services

       o With individuals who request healing or intercessory prayer

• Praying for rectors, vestry and leaders of all ministries and encouraging them to recruit personal intercessors to give them critical prayer support

• Utilizing the creation of prayer bookmarks and quarterly distribution to lead our church family in daily prayer for the parish.  As a parish pray by the power of the Holy Spirit to be faithful witnesses to Jesus Christ in Sanford, North Carolina, the United States, and “to the ends of the earth.

• The Foundational Prayer Team meets monthly, the third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm for prayer and training. Meetings are open to all who are interested.


In addition to the Foundational Prayer team other prayer ministries at St Francis include:

• St. Anne’s Prayer Guild, whose members meet monthly and pray daily for individuals with ongoing prayer needs.

• Online prayer requests for emergency situations

• Contact St Francis through facebook.  You can follow, like, share and send private messages or join in the conversations on the newsfeed timeline.  To visit St Francis on facebook:  Click link provided or search facebook "St Francis Anglican Church" or copy this URL into your browser https://www.facebook.com/stfrancisnc/

• Visit our St Francis website.  The latest bulletins and meeting times. Submit prayer request using the contact form available. Contact information about St Francis, call or contact at any time or talk or email the rectors


For more information, please contact any of the following:

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Juli Anne Lawrence, mrandmrsetl@gmail.com

Beth Puckett, elizabethr.puckett@gmail.com

Gordy Reese, gordyreese79@gmail.com









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